PreAICE (IGCSE) Biology

Below you will find lectures I have presented in class.  Unfortunately, the animations may not work, but the general information is there. 

1.  Presentation about water molecules and properties:  03_Lecture_Presentation for Blog

2.  Chapter 2 and 3 combined (Most recent PPT completed 10/5 & 6):  Carbon Compounds  Revised Chapter 2

3.  Beginning Chapter 2 (9/14-9/15/which we did NOT finish)  chapter02 honors

4.  I cannot upload the Smartboard activity we did with the candy molecules, but here is the link to the website…

REMEMBER C, H, O, and N make up 96% of our mass.  P is #5 for next most important for living things.  Trace elements such as Zn, Ca, K, Na and Fe are all found in very small amounts within our bodies. 

If you label each COLUMN with the numbers 1-8  (from blue to orange) SKIPPING THE ELEMENTS IN PINK, you will have the number of valence electrons that ALL elements in that group have in their outermost orbitals available for sharing.  The following PPT is an EXCELLENT review of basic chemistry and why the periodic table is so COOL!!!  Unfortunately, I have no recollection of who to credit!!  Lecture4+-Compounds.part1  Don’t get TOO bogged down.  I really like the first several slides for Bio, but the rest is more for next year…

5.  MB_05_win

6.  MB_06_win

7.  MB_07_win

8.  MB_08_win

9.  MB_09_win

10.  MB_10_win

11.  MB_11_win

12.  MB_12_win

13.  MB_13_win

23.  MB_23_win

24.  MB_24_win

28.  MB_28_win

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